Readings for week 7 and plan of attack for story

After the readings for week 7 in this class, a few things caught my eye while going through each story. One of the first things that caught my eye was within the first reading “Is This a Story? How to Evaluate Your Ideas Before You Pitch” by Mallory Pickett was one of the first sentences that she wrote within her article. The first sentence within her second paragraph stated, “The process always starts with a spark: Something seems interesting, and you want to learn more.” I thought that this was a great way to look as finding and creating a story that will attract people to it. You want it to be something that you find interesting, but also that others find interesting as well. Another piece of advice that I found interesting from this article was the section called “To Find the Right Scope and Format, Report.” This section discusses how once you have determined a story to be worthy of writing about, what type of story would best suit this specific idea or concept. One last thing that I found helpful was a flow chart that includes how to know if your story is worth writing. For example, it asks a series of questions and leads you to either yes, this is a story worth writing about, or no, this is something that isn’t worth the time and/or effort.

With these key points in mind, when it comes to the story that I would like to write, I thin that each of these are important factors to think about while writing or choosing to write a story. I think that the flowchart will come in handy when it comes to choosing a topic for sure, as well as if this topic is worth writing about. I also plan to use these methods to help write a query letter about why this topic is interesting along with how I plan to write about it.